HEMPLAB Institute – ‘Hemp and Medical Cannabis as a driving factor of growth and employment’ conference

The HEMPLAB Institute was proud to take part in the ‘Hemp and Medical Cannabis as a driving factor of growth and employment’ conference – organized by Greek MEP Stelios Kouloglou (GUE/NGL – Syriza) at the European Parliament in Brussels 23/02/2016.

As events unfolded, the event transpired to be a highly informative one with the right combination of political powers, leading companies, experts and activists. The subject has a particular interest for Greece presently, as the country is finally preparing itself to permit (and hopefully foster) the production of Industrial Hemp. Although Hemp production is legal and regulated on a European level, the country hadn’t up to recently taken the necessary steps to make its own legislation reflect that, as well as having the appropriate channels for EU / CAP crop subsidies.

The Case for Quality Management & Product Development

Hemp and Medical Cannabis European Event4

The need for Quality Management procedures, the possibility of authoritative and responsible product development technologies and improved research avenues were consistently recurring themes in the words of speakers and contributors present at the event. In that respect the HEMPLAB Institute managed to raise considerable interest considering our ambitions, investments and activities in the field of Quality Management, Certification & Accreditation.

We would like to warmly thank Mr Kouloglou and all the organisers of the event. Such gatherings are necessary to provide the impetus for sustainable growth in our sector. We look forward to interacting with all the participants of the event we had the chance to discuss and exchange ideas with as well as inviting all relevant actors to participate in the debate.