UNGASS 2016: Is an alternative drug policy possible?

affiche-matinée-UNGASS-NL-2-212x3002016 is an important year from an International Relations point of view – the UN member states have called for an extraordinary UNGASS meeting to review global approach to drug policy. The HEMPLAB’s interest in the event (organized by the NGO FEDITO) consisted in hearing from the Belgian delegation and a panel of international experts on the position of the country and the EU regarding possible changes. Whilst a vast number of related topics fall outside our direct interest, assessing a change in policy facilitating research of particular plants for the phyto-pharmaceutical and medical applications is very important. More saliently we wanted to discuss with Brussels Minister of Health Cécile Jodogne on their official attitude regarding Medical applications of Hemp & Cannabis.

In addition we had the chance to hear official positions of representative of the Ministry of Justice Mr Claude Gillard on views regarding Cannabis Social Club Policy and related issues. It was a highly informative event from a networking point of view, and gave us the chance to meet discuss client’s projects with political and research authorities.

Attending policy events in areas we can contribute scientific evidence for the elucidation of beneficial alternatives is a field which we are keen to explore and contribute. As such, we look forward to working with a number of actors we had the opportunity to meet on various points of common interest.