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Cannabinoid Profiling

Adapted Solutions for All Samples

Cannabinoids are value-added molecules found in a number of products, plants & biological systems on the planet. With the recent discovery of their influence on human regulatory systems, their popularity has spiked as testified by their availability in a number of plant-based consumer products. They are sought after for their relieving, therapeutic & self-care effects. Cannabinoid Bio-Synthesis and further molecular characterisation has amply demonstrated their complicated existence on a molecular level.

At the Hemplab Institute, we believe that complete and responsible Cannabinoid Profiling is not simply a matter of equipment but very much an issue of method, preparation & reproducibility. Our dedication and expertise has been applied towards the formulation of Testing Protocols and Cannabinoid Manipulation which synergises multivariate analysis components – adjustable in accordance to project & budget constrains.







Decarboxylation & Laboratory Protocol

Cannabinoids & Product Life-Cycle

Cannabinoids are highly reactive to energy exchanges, particularly heat. Heat transfers can cause spontaneous decarboxylation, degradation & eventually combustion of Cannabinoids found in plants & products. A rigorous understanding of these processes is crucial in producing accurate Cannabinoid Specifications – this in turn is mediated by both sample preparation & chromatographic choices from an analytical point of view.

In addition to having the option of both ‘hot’ & ‘cold’ chromatographic equipment, we can run multi-level analyses at various decarboxylation levels for data correlation. Detection of Cannabinoid Acids as well as Total Cannabinoid quantities can thus be assessed accurately & independently. Data correlation can be further applied to provide valuable information on plant / product qualities & behaviour – salient from a scientific, commercial & legislative point of view.

Plant / Harvest Characterisation

Extraction Optimisation & Batch-to-Batch Consistency

Product Characterisation & Labeling

Applications & Services

Our core expertise in molecular identification & quantification of cannabinoids translates in a variety of services. Our services can be approached on a scale – starting from individual sample analyses of a single cannabinoid (e.g. THC Detection for Legislative Compliance) and reaching Advanced Cannabinoid Specifications of Complex Matrices.

Contact Us directly to discuss how Analytical Applications can improve Product Development, Standardisation & Life-Cycle Efficiency.

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