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Cannabinoid Profiling

Adapted Solutions for All Samples

Cannabinoids are value-added molecules found in a number of products, plants & biological systems on the planet. With the recent discovery of their influence on human regulatory systems, their popularity has spiked as testified by their availability in a number of plant-based consumer products. They are sought after for their relieving, therapeutic & self-care effects. Cannabinoid Bio-Synthesis and further molecular characterisation has amply demonstrated their complicated existence on a molecular level.

At the Hemplab Institute, we believe that complete and responsible Cannabinoid Profiling is not simply a matter of equipment but very much an issue of method, preparation & reproducibility. Our dedication and expertise has been applied towards the formulation of Testing Protocols and Cannabinoid Manipulation which synergises multivariate analysis components – adjustable in accordance to project & budget constrains.







Decarboxylation & Laboratory Protocol

Cannabinoids & Product Life-Cycle

Cannabinoids are highly reactive to energy exchanges, particularly heat. Heat transfers can cause spontaneous decarboxylation, degradation & eventually combustion of Cannabinoids found in plants & products. A rigorous understanding of these processes is crucial in producing accurate Cannabinoid Specifications – this in turn is mediated by both sample preparation & chromatographic choices from an analytical point of view.

In addition to having the option of both ‘hot’ & ‘cold’ chromatographic equipment, we can run multi-level analyses at various decarboxylation levels for data correlation. Detection of Cannabinoid Acids as well as Total Cannabinoid quantities can thus be assessed accurately & independently. Data correlation can be further applied to provide valuable information on plant / product qualities & behaviour – salient from a scientific, commercial & legislative point of view.

Plant / Harvest Characterisation

Extraction Optimisation & Batch-to-Batch Consistency

Product Characterisation & Labeling

Applications & Services

Our core expertise in molecular identification & quantification of cannabinoids translates in a variety of services. These can be approached on a scale – starting from individual sample analyses of a single cannabinoid (e.g. THC Detection for Legislative Compliance) and reaching Advanced Cannabinoid Specifications of Complex Matrices in long term projects.

Contact Us directly to discuss how Analytical Applications can improve Product Development, Standardisation & Life-Cycle Efficiency.

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