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Our expertise of the sector, issued from experience and a global network of partners, translates into tailor-made services to meet the challenges of the cannabinoid entrepreneur:

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Product Management & Life-Cycle Analysis

Placing a successful product on the market is a complex function of diverse variables. Conceptually there are distinct stages with particular challenges associated with each. In the case of the emerging Hemp Sector, some are accentuated and some are minimised due to that very novelty. Roughly understood these can be represented in the following categories:

  • Product Development & R&D
  • GMP and QHSE Considerations
  • Supply Chain & Cost Analysis
  • Product Image & Placement

Through our close experience with a growing number of Hemp Entreprises at an embrionic stage as well as exchange and analysis of established successful players we have developed a key understanding of the challenges faced by entrepreneurs of the sector. Our aim is to devise specific strategies to tackle various aspects of our clients Product Management need backed by the capability to offer advanced analytical services for GMP, QC, Labelling & Compliance.

Policy & Market Analysis

Hemp and all its derivative products represent a growing young market. With all aspects of the industry in fast development, form production to distribution, an uncertainty factor is inherent along its huge potential. This is further exacerbated considering policy is lagging behind commercial needs and can vary significantly from one EU member to another. There are, however, patterns and commercial as well as policy regularities which can provide any hemp entrepreneur with the stability necessary for success.

At the Hemp Lab Institute, we are continuously monitoring market oscillations in close contact with our partners and clients. Our unique vantage point enables us to combine various separate view points, from extraction equipment manufacturers to extractors themselves, hemp growers and medical cannabis organisations. This insight is combined into analytical and quantitative assessments streamlined for predictive accuracy.

Our aim is to provide our clients with the most accurate picture of market and policy situation encompassing their activities, allowing them to take the best decisions for their organisation.

Legislative Compliance


Navigating through the cacophony of national and European regulatory requirements for hemp food, cosmetics and self-care products can be a challenge for anyone. A good grasp of particular requirements, nuances and costs is necessary for both a starting entrepreneur as well as an expanding company.

Requirements can affect commercial and production considerations in a variety of ways. In terms of health & safety standards of particular products. Our mission is to help our clients reach the product specifications that will allow them the deepest market reach while preserving the uniqueness of their product. The Hemp Lab Institute provides complete solutions in guidance and theoretical information as well as analytical testing.

We can help you with:

  • Legislative Analysis
  • EU Comparative Analysis
  • Product Specifications
  • EFSA Requirements
  • Labelling
  • Export Strategy
Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis represents much greater challenges in terms of legislative compliance – with an even faster rate of development and sensitivity of variations. While Medical Cannabis is centralised or outright illegal in a number of European states there exist legal pathways that can be exploited in order to move things forward. In other cases there are specific channels for the cultivation of medical cannabis albeit being silenced or ignored.

Working closely with several Medical Cannabis organisations (producers, patient organisations, distributors etc.) and legal experts, Hemp Lab Institute has a unique overview of developments, challenges and opportunities in a number of European countries.

Setting up a successful Medical Cannabis organisation, let alone running it, requires a certain degree of preparation on administrative, technical, medical and legislative terms. It is imperative for the success of any such enterprise in its quest for legitimisation, to embody the best possible practices and code of conduct applicable in similar but established industries, whilst exhibiting a degree of maturity and understanding of legislative, distribution and societal challenges. Our goal is to help our clients achieve those targets.

  • Legislative Analysis and Modelling
  • Growing Optimisation & Standardisation
  • Clean Room Technology
  • Supply Chain Management & Tractability
  • Protocol & Code of Conduct
  • Product Specification & Labeling
  • Patient Management
  • Cost Planning

Health Assessment

Cannabinoid rich self-care and medical products abound on the internet and even some high-street shops. While their efficacy, or lack thereof, is being documented on a daily basis, such appraisals lack the necessary methodological aspect in order to turn experience into evidence.

The Hemp Lab Institute provides state-of-the art analytical tools for a quantitative assessment of health outcomes. Based on QALYs and the EQ-5D scale, we can provide your organisation with a patient tracking tool. QALY stands for Quality Adjusted Life years and it is a comparative scale of health outcomes / financial burden used by policy makers around the world to derive Healthcare & Economic policies and conclusions.

Such a tool can be used for a variety of purposes. A CBD producer might want to determine the efficacy of their product, or a Medical Cannabis Organisation intends to show the benefits of their practices. It can serve as a powerful policy and lobbying tool, as well as offering a marketing and competitive edge to particular products.

Last but not least, it is a necessary step in the legitimisation of cannabinoid use for legitimate medical purposes.



Industrial Hemp
  • Legislation Compliance
  • Bio-Accreditation
  • Cannabinoid Specification
  • Extracts – Concentrates Analysis
  • Environmental Considerations
  • Product Development

Medical Cannabis
  • Medical Cannabis Licensing
  • GMP Consultation
  • Extract Stability Studies
  • Health Assessment
  • Quality Management

Project Development
  • Meta-Analysis
  • Comprehensive Databank
  • Policy Analysis
  • Scientific Publications
  • Methodological Development
  • Funding Schemes (H2020 / IWT / IEE)


HempLab Institute | Analytical Laboratory & Plant Analysis Services are targeting what can be viewed as three Fields of Application. With State of the Art Analytical Techniques explicitly calibrated to service a) the Hemp and b) Medical Grade Cannabis Industries, our commitment is geared towards scientific precision and customer satisfaction.

Both sectors have been growing on two levels: Practical Applications & Social Perception. The result is an increase in demand for a growing range of products requiring Quality Management & R&D Procedures. The third Field of Application can be understood as the potential of long-term research and scientific projects emanating from both fields. In that respect the HEMPLAB Institute is committed to the development of meta-analytical tools enhancing the informational & scientific content of our services.