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Environmental Analyses & Product Quality Control

Labeling & Quality Control

New Hemp-based, cannabinoid-containing, products are reaching the market on a daily basis, amidst a generalised growth period. Consumer confidence is not necessarily following suit with justified concerns over product integrity, compound labeling and quality protocols. The cannabis industry is in a process of self-regulation and successful companies are invariably those which have addressed the quality issue.

At Hemplab Institute, you can find your Quality Control & Labeling partner, with regular testing to guarantee and demonstrate the integrity of your plant or product. EU-Regulated Pesticide limits, Heavy Metal content, Residual Solvent Analysis (Extracts) & Microbial Cultivation are necessary quality marks of any agricultural consumer product.

In addition to analyses, our consultants are here to help with the implementation of your Internal Quality Protocol & Sampling.

Moisture Content Determination

Microbial Examination (CFU Determination)

Heavy Metal Analysis*

EU-Regulated Pesticide Screening*

Residual Solvent Analysis

*All Pesticide & Heavy Metal Screenings are performed under ISO 17025 Accreditation