Analysis of VOC Aromatic Content in Plants & Extracts

Essential Oils, Terpenes (HydroCarbons) & Oxygenated Compounds

Essential Oils

Essential Oils,Terpenes (HydroCarbons) & Oxygenated Compounds (Volatile & Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds – VOC) are responsible for the aroma & flavor properties of plants. They are believed to contribute in the well-being effects of plants, when used and/or consumed for such purposes. Various plant-based products are developed with a specific mixture of VOC content in order to achieve particular effects. Strong Essential Oil profiles represent an important selling point – particularly considering the price & availability of particular oils on the market.

Advanced Separation & Detection Technologies

Our laboratory is equipped with advanced Chromatographic Equipment & Sample Preparation Protocols for the elucidation of VOC content. We are able to combine classical Gas Chromatography with Supercritical CO2 Chromatography for accurate detection, multilevel separation & fast quantification. Sample Preparation & Isolation of VOC content is achieved through multiple techniques – most notably Headspace & SPME when necessary. Multiple detection capabilities and the possession of calibration standards validates the reliability of our measurements.

Essential Oils Analyses can be coupled with Environmental Services (Residual Solvent Analysis) for complete Quality Control of concentrates & consumer products

Pricing & Project Development

Contact us directly with your project details for a custom offer & approach. Our laboratory’s flexible throughput approach can accommodate single specific analyses or larger volume routine specifications. Auto-sampling & Automated Sample Prep. ensure the reproducibility of results in a time-efficient manner. Our expertise can be applied on routine testing, Quality Control, Product Development & Batch-to-Batch consistency, R&D and Academic Research..

Why test for Terpenes in Hemp Products?

Strong Terpene Profiles in Hemp Products & Derivatives can represent significant Selling Points in a crowded market. They are often perceived as the mark of rich, close-to-nature product. Additionally, optimising product manufacturing for terpene preservation will invariably result in a richer, distinguishable product – one which customers will seek for its specific signature.