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Empowering your Industrial Cannabis Life-Cycle with Data

Achieve Consistency in Yield & Quality


    Producing a lush crop rich in value-added components (seeds, flowers, cannabinoids, terpenes etc.) is a complicated process involving a large number of variables. Our Analytical Services are designed to provide fast & reliable analytics of your plant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as well as environmental growing conditions. Producing correlations between environment & your selected KPIs will result in targeted optimisation and improved yield performance & quality.


    • Production of Crop Maturity Curves (on Selected KPIs)
    • Optimisation of Harvest Time
    • Nutritional & Seed Maturity Analysis
    • Environmental Analysis (Pesticide & Heavy Metal composition)


    Industrial Cannabis can be valorised in a great number of ways. Flowers & seeds have come to particular attention recently within a more established fiber & flax exploitation. The advent of cannabinoids as value-added components and the full recognition of the immense nutritional value of hemp seeds has created a demand for hemp-based products & derivatives. These include Food, Pharmaceutical, Self-Care, Cosmetic and other applications. In the development of such products, hemp flowers & seeds may undergo a number of extraction, purification & homogenisation processes before reaching the consumer form. Our analytical expertise can assist you in every step of the process: Whether you are in Product Development, R&D or Supply Chain Optimisation & GMPs Application – achieve competitive advantage with in depth knowledge of the chemical processes inherent in your extraction process. Achieve legislative compliance and maximise throughput efficiency.


    • Extraction Quantitative Assessment
    • Extraction Optimisation Analysis
    • Purification Analysis
    • Batch-To-Batch Consistency & cGMPs
    • Legislative Compliance & Targeted Cannabinoid Profile
    • Residual Solvent & Environmental Assessment


    Whether you are importing for distribution or further processing, or finalising your own product and market approach, accurate measuring of target components is crucial: Marketing Presence, Unique Selling Point (USP), Price Calibration, Legislative Compliance – All determinants that can affect your company & product performance. Hemplab has selected analytical tools that can help you keep track of Key Parameters & marketability & financial efficiency. Essential Oil Content, Cannabinoid Content or Nutritional Analysis can all be tracked, measured & quantified.


    • Quality Control & Product Labelling
    • Nutritional FAME Analysis
    • Essential Oil Content Determination.
    • Cannabinoid Profiling
    • Environmental Testing