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Analytical Chemistry is a field thoroughly characterized by choice. Depending on desired results, the scientist will make several choices regarding her methodology.

As such, a key selection of Analytical Instruments is critical for achieving our goals and scientific standards. In collaboration with our solution providers the HEMPLAB Institute has arrived at a strategic combination of WATERS, Agilent & Gerstel / CTC Instruments.


  • Agilent 6890N GC
  • GERSTEL-MultiPurposeSampler MPS 2XL-XT
  • WATERS Acquity UPC2 (PDA, QDa)
  • AlphaCAT HPTLC Methodology

ISO/IEC 17025:2005(E) Laboratory Procedures


Our instrument selection enables head-space, as well as cold and hot separation procedures coupled with powerful detection technologies. Chemically, individual compounds behave differently to varying atmospheric conditions, requiring adapted separation procedures for their precise quantification. For example different cannabinoids (and their associated acids – THC / THCA – CBD / CBDA etc.) have different evaporation and decarboxilation conditions.

Reacting to market concerns, we feel committed to providing our clients a set of comprehensive analytical services, ranging from environmental to bio-chemical considerations. Successfully carrying out these separate analyses requires strict laboratory methodology predicated on a sound technological and analytical planning. Furthermore, we are confident our instruments are of the caliber and flexibility to permit research & method development.