The HEMPLAB Institute

Analytical Excellence for the Hemp Industry

The HEMPLAB Institute’s vision is twofold: A) Quality Management Services for the Hemp Industry B) Reach a constant scientific output of academic standard. Located in Belgium (Antwerp Region – Darwin Incubator) for market-reach considerations, our aim is to apply state-of-the-art analytical techniques aimed for Quality Management & Legislative Compliance, Product Development & R&D activities in in the expanding Hemp Market.

Innovation Technologies & Quality Management

The HEMPLAB Institute services the flourishing Industrial Hemp and Phyto-pharmaceutical industry with analytical solutions aimed to streamline product development & accreditation mechanisms. As well as quality control services on the bio-chemical & environmental level, our aim is to develop innovative analytical methodologies. Ultimately extending our knowledge of Cannabis Sativa L. and extracting its societal, economical and medical benefits.


The Emergence of Hemp

Nutrition, Energy, Pharmaceuticals, Building Composites & Lifestyle Products

The European & Global Hemp sector is re-emerging with an unprecedented maturity as can be seen by the efforts of modernization and standardization of the industry itself. Our vision is to firmly inscribe ourselves within that trend and work for the development of the sector as whole with innovative solutions. Empowering the hemp professional and consumer with authoritative research, our aim so to expand our knowledge of the plant and its commercial applications. The re-appropriation of hemp as a source of super-nutrition and self-enhancing applications has created new opportunities and markets. Tapping in to that potential is a matter of careful product development and marketing. The HempLab Institute prides itself in the understanding and analysis of these dynamics for our clients.

Company Values

Values are important at the HEMPLAB Institute – for they form the pillars of both our scientific ethos and social responsibility as a 21st century company. Personal responsibility is key in the course of our everyday actions as scientists and humans – it transpires as a value throughout our work – from reception to delivery. It is a principle applied to both people and ideas, thus guaranteeing an inalienable kernel of self-criticism, humility & respect. Operating in a field whereby we have the privilege of producing novel knowledge we assume the responsibility that comes with it.

Our mission is to empower our clients with knowledge – of their crops, flowers, seeds, products. Doubt, uncertainty & commitment are essential parts of the process of knowledge. As a company we remain entirely open vis-à-vis our clients and stakeholders through every step of the process.

We treat every request individually in order to be able to respond to it in the best possible way – both on scientific & financial grounds. We pride ourselves in taking the time to hear client’s demands and particular challenges within their activities – we further pride ourselves in presenting them with a detailed course of action displaying clearly the potential challenges ahead.

Environment & People represent the locus of our activities – respect for both on equal terms is paramount. We are committed to using technologies which minimise our impact to the environment – minimising the use of environmentally detrimental organic solvents as well as consumable parts wherever possible.